Getting your business brand out among the masses seems like a great idea. And it is. But if you are a small business or nonprofit organization with limited resources, managing an online presence can be overwhelming.

Not only that, but you may be so busy just trying to post, like and follow, you may not have time to think about how your actions fit into an overall social media strategy that aligns with your business goals.

It's enough to make you want to unlike, unfollow and unplug. But before you do, give Lexington Business Media a call. Comprehensive monthly programs cost as little as $300 per month.  

Lexington Business Media specializes in creating online custom content for businesses operating in a variety of industries, including entrepreneurship, venture capital, real estate and property management, financial investment, agriculture, natural health, green living, health care, marketing, alternative energy, nonprofits and more.

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In addition to social media management, Lexington Business Media specializes in custom content created with your marketing goals in mind. Products include:

Website content








Direct mail campaigns

White papers

Annual reports
E-blasts and CRM services
Web design and redesign, development and marketing.
Media releases

Article writing